There are 3 translations of a in English:


Pronunciation: /a; ɑ/

m inv

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Word of the day ween
Pronunciation: wiːn
be of the opinion; think or suppose

There are 3 translations of a in English:


Pronunciation: /a/


You will find translations for expressions such as machine à écrire, aller à la pêche etc, at the entries machine pêche, etc. For the uses of à with the verbs aller, être, avoir, penser etc, see the entries for these verbs.

  • 4à qui est cette montre? whose is this watch? elle est à elle it's hers je suis à vous tout de suite I'll be with you in a minute c'est à qui de jouer? whose turn is it?
  • 5il est à plaindre he's to be pitied
  • 6à nous tous on devrait y arriver between all of us we should be able to manage à trois on est serrés with three people it's a squash