Translation of avancer in English:


Pronunciation: /avɑ̃se/


  • 3avancer sa montre de cinq minutes to put one's watch forward (by) five minutes
  • 4 to get ahead with [work] cela ne nous avance à rien that doesn't get us anywhere
  • 5avancer de l'argent à qn [bank] to advance money to sb


  • 3ma montre avance de deux minutes my watch is two minutes fast

v refl (+ v être) (s'avancer)

  • 1s'avancer vers qch to move toward(s) sth s'avancer vers qn to go toward(s) sb to come up to sb
  • 4je me suis un peu avancé en lui promettant le dossier pour demain I shouldn't have committed myself by promising him/her I'd have the file ready for tomorrow

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