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Pronunciation: /ʃaʀʒe/

Translation of charger in English:

verbe transitif

  • 6 (confier une mission à) charger quelqu'un de quelque chose
    to make somebody responsible for something
    charger quelqu'un de faire
    to give somebody the responsibility of doing, to make somebody responsible for doing
    il l'a chargé de répondre au téléphone
    he gave him the responsibility ou the job of answering the phone
    elle m'a chargé de vous transmettre ses amitiés
    she asked me to give you her regards
    je l'ai chargé d'une mission de confiance
    I entrusted him with an important mission
    être chargé de
    to be in charge of
    c'est lui qui est chargé de l'enquête
    he is in charge of the investigation
    nous sommes chargés de l'évacuation des blessés or d'évacuer les blessés
    we are in charge of evacuating the wounded
    ils sont chargés de faire respecter la loi
    it is their job to enforce the law
  • 7 (accabler)
    to bring evidence against (accusé, suspect)
  • 8 (attaquer)
    to charge at (foule, manifestants, ennemi)

also: se charger verbe pronominal

  • 1 (s'occuper)se charger de
    to take responsibility for
    je m'en charge
    I'll see to it, I'll look after it
    je me charge de le leur dire
    I'll tell them
    apportez à manger, je me charge de la boisson
    bring some food, I'll look after the drinks ou I'll take care of the drinks
    nous nous chargerons de vous trouver un logement
    we will undertake to find you accommodation
    il s'est chargé de découvrir la vérité
    he made it his business to find out (the truth)
  • 2 (prendre des bagages)
    to weigh oneself down
    ne te charge pas trop
    don't weigh yourself down too much
  • 3 (s'accuser)se charger de
    to blame oneself for (faute, crime)
  • 4 (Armée)se charger facilement (arme)
    to be easy to load
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