There are 2 translations of ne in English:


Pronunciation: /nə/
n' before vowel or mute h


    • In cases where ne is used with pas, jamais, guère, rien, plus, aucun, personne etc, one should consult the corresponding entry. ne + verb + que is treated in the entry below.
    je n'ai que 20 euros I've only got 20 euros il n'y a que lui pour être aussi désagréable only he can be so unpleasant tu n'es qu'un raté you're nothing but a loser [fam] je n'ai que faire de tes conseils you can keep your advice

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Pronunciation: ˈflɪp(ə)nt
not showing a serious or respectful attitude

There are 2 translations of ne in English:

Pronunciation: /ne/


pp adj

  • bien né high-born Madame Masson née Roux Mrs Masson née Roux


(combining form)
  • musicien(-)/écrivain(-)né born musician/writer