Translation of piquer in English:


Pronunciation: /pike/


  • 2 [fam], to give [sb] an injection faire piquer un animal to have an animal put down
  • 4ses yeux la piquaient her eyes were stinging ça me pique partout I'm itchy all over
  • 7piquer qn au vif to cut sb to the quick
  • 9 [fam] piquer un fou rire to have a fit of the giggles piquer une crise de nerfs to throw a fit [fam] piquer un cent mètres to break into a run


  • 3 [fam] arrête de piquer dans le plat stop picking (things out of the dish)

v refl (+ v être) (se piquer)

  • 1 to prick oneself se piquer aux orties to get stung by nettles
  • 2 to inject oneself
  • 3se piquer de pouvoir réussir seul to claim that one can manage on one's own


quelle mouche t'a piqué?

[fam], what's got into you? [fam]

son article n'était pas piqué des hannetons

[fam], his/her article didn't pull any punches