Translation of porter in English:


Pronunciation: /pɔʀte/


  • 2porter qch quelque part to take sth somewhere porter qch à qn to take sb sth
  • 7porter qch à to bring sth up to, to put sth up to [rate, number] porter la température de l'eau à 80°C to heat the water to 80°C
  • 8porter son regard vers to look at si tu portes la main sur elle if you lay a finger on her porter un jugement sur qch to pass judgement on sth
  • 9porter qch sur un registre to enter sth on a register se faire porter malade to report sick porter plainte to lodge a complaint
  • 10tout nous porte à croire que... everything leads us to believe that...
  • 11porter bonheur or chance to be lucky

v+prep (porter sur)


  • une voix qui porte a voice that carries le coup a porté the blow hit home

v refl (+ v être) (se porter)

  • 1se porter bien/mal [person] to be well/ill [business] to be going well/badly
  • 2se porter sur [suspicion] to fall on [infection] to spread to

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