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Pronunciation: /pʀɔfite/

Translation of profiter in English:

also: profiter à verbe transitif indirect

  • 1 (être utile)profiter à quelqu'un (leçon, expérience, conseil, affaire, circonstances)
    to benefit somebody, to be of benefit to somebody
    ça profite toujours aux mêmes
    it's always the same people who reap the benefit
    à qui profite le crime?
    who benefits by ou from the crime?
  • 2 (faire grossir)profiter à quelqu'un (aliment)
    to make somebody put on weight
    la nourriture ne lui profite pas
    he doesn't get the benefit of his food

also: profiter de verbe transitif indirect

  • 1 (tirer avantage)profiter de
    to make the most of, to take advantage of (privilège, occasion, situation)
    to take advantage of (visite, faiblesse, vente)
    profiter de quelqu'un
    to take advantage of somebody
    profite bien de tes vacances!
    have a good holiday!
    j'ai profité de mon passage à Paris pour visiter le Louvre
    I took the opportunity of visiting the Louvre when I was in Paris
    j'ai profité de ce qu'il était là pour lui demander de m'aider
    since he was there I took the opportunity of asking him to help me
    il a profité de ce que je ne regardais pas pour voler les documents
    he took advantage of the fact that I was not looking to steal the documents
    profiter de l'obscurité pour s'enfuir
    to flee under cover of darkness
  • 2 (tirer agrément)profiter de quelque chose
    to make the most of something, to enjoy something
    la vie est courte, profitez-en
    life is short, make the most of it ou live it to the full
    les enfants ont profité de leurs vacances
    the children got a lot out of their holidays (anglais britannique) ou vacation (anglais américain)
    profiter de quelqu'un [familier]
    to make the most of being with somebody
    j'étais tellement occupé que je n'ai pas pu profiter de mes petits-enfants
    I was so busy that I didn't have time to enjoy (being with) my grandchildren
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