Translation of remettre in English:


Pronunciation: /ʀ(ə)mɛtʀ/


  • 1remettre qch dans/sur to put sth back in/on remettre qch en mémoire à qn to remind sb of sth
  • 2remettre à qn to hand [sth] over to sb [keys] to hand [sth] in to sb [letter] to present [sth] to sb [reward]
  • 3remettre qch droit or d'aplomb to put sth straight again
  • 5 to put [sth] on again [heating]; to play [sth] again [record]
  • 6remettre une vis to put a new screw in
  • 7 to add some more [salt]; to add another [nail]
  • 8 to put [sth] back on [coat]
  • 9 [Med] to put [sth] back in place [joint]
  • 10 [medicine] to make [sb] feel better
  • 11remettre qn/le visage de qn to remember sb/sb's face
  • 12 [fam] remettre ça to start again on s'est bien amusé, quand est-ce qu'on remet ça? that was fun, when are we going to do it again?

v refl (+ v être) (se remettre)

  • 1se remettre à un endroit to go or get back to a place
  • 2se remettre au travail to go back to work se remettre au dessin to start drawing again
  • 3se remettre en jean to wear jeans again
  • 4se remettre de to recover from [illness] to get over [shock]
  • 5s'en remettre à qn to leave it to sb s'en remettre à la décision de qn to accept sb's decision
  • 6se remettre avec qn to get back together with sb