Translation of repasser in English:


Pronunciation: /ʀ(ə)pase/


  • 2 to cross [sth] again [river, border]
  • 3 to take [sth] again [exam]
  • 4 to pass [sth] again [tool, salt] je te repasse Jean (on phone) I'll put you back on to Jean
  • 5 [fam] repasser qch à qn to give sb sth [cold]

vi (+ v être)

  • 1 to go past again si tu repasses à Lyon, viens me voir if you're ever back in Lyons, come and see me
  • 2 [film] to be showing again
  • 3quand elle fait la vaisselle, je dois repasser derrière elle I always have to do the dishes again after she's done them

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