Translation of reprendre in English:


Pronunciation: /ʀ(ə)pʀɑ̃dʀ/


  • 1reprendre du pain/vin to have some more bread/wine j'en ai repris deux fois I had three helpings
  • 6on ne me reprendra plus à lui rendre service! you won't catch me doing him/her any favours (BrE) again!
  • 7reprendre confiance to regain one's confidence
  • 12mon mal de dents m'a repris my toothache has come back


  • 3‘c'est étrange,’ reprit-il ‘it's strange,’ he continued

v refl (+ v être) (se reprendre)

  • 1 to correct oneself
  • 3s'y reprendre à trois fois pour faire to make three attempts to do or at doing

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