There are 2 translations of rire in English:


Pronunciation: /ʀiʀ/


  • 2 to have fun il faut bien rire un peu you need a bit of fun now and again fini de rire the fun's over c'était pour rire it was a joke sans rire [fam], seriously laisse-moi rire [fam], ne me fais pas rire [fam], don't make me laugh
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  • 3rire de qn/qch to laugh at sb/sth

v refl (+ v être) (se rire)

  • se rire de qn [fml], to laugh at sb se rire des difficultés [fml], to make light of difficulties


rira bien qui rira le dernier

[Proverb] he who laughs last laughs longest

être mort de rire

[fam], to be doubled up (with laughter)

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There are 2 translations of rire in English:


Pronunciation: /ʀiʀ/



rires préenregistrés

  • canned laughter