Translation of servir in English:


Pronunciation: /sɛʀviʀ/


v+prep (servir à)

  • 1servir à qn to be used by sb servir à qch to be used for sth les exercices m'ont servi à comprendre la règle the exercises helped me to understand the rule

v+prep (servir de)

  • servir d'intermédiaire à qn to act as an intermediary for sb servir d'arme to be used as a weapon


  • 1 [Mil] servir dans to serve in
  • 3il a servi dix ans chez nous he was in our service for ten years
  • 4 [object] to be used

v refl (+ v être) (se servir)

  • 2 (in shop) to serve oneself
  • 3se servir de qn/qch to use sb/sth se servir d'une situation to make use of a situation
  • 4 [Culin] to be served

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