There are 2 translations of tomber in English:


Pronunciation: /tɔ̃be/

vi (+ v être)

  • 7tomber dans un piège [fig], to fall into a trap tomber sous le coup d'une loi to fall within the provisions of a law tomber aux mains or entre les mains de qn [document, power] to fall into sb's hand tomber malade/amoureux to fall ill/in love
  • 9tomber sur to come across [stranger, object] to run into [friend] tomber sur la bonne page to hit on the right page si tu prends cette rue, tu tomberas sur la place if you follow that street, you'll come to the square
  • 10c'est tombé juste au bon moment it came just at the right time tu ne pouvais pas mieux tomber! you couldn't have come at a better time! you couldn't have done better! tu tombes mal, j'allais partir you're unlucky, I was just about to leave il faut toujours que ça tombe sur moi! [fam] (decision, choice) why does it always have to be me? (misfortune) why does it always have to happen to me?
  • 12laisser tomber to give up [job, activity] to drop [plan, habit] laisse tomber! forget it! laisser tomber qn to drop sb to let sb down
  • 13tomber sur qn [soldiers, thugs] to fall on sb [raiders, police] to descend on sb