There are 2 translations of toucher in English:


Pronunciation: /tuʃe/


  • 1toucher (de la main) to touch [object, surface, person] toucher du bois (superstitiously) to touch wood toucher le front de qn to feel sb's forehead
  • 2 to be touching [wall, ceiling, bottom of sth] toucher le sol to land
  • 6 [country, house] to be next to

v+prep (toucher à)

  • 1toucher à to touch [object] toucher à tout to be into everything [fig], to be a jack of all trades avec son air de ne pas y toucher, c'est un malin [fam] he looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, but he's a sly one
  • 3toucher à to infringe on [right, freedom]
  • 4toucher à to get on to [problem]

v refl (+ v être) (se toucher)

  • [houses, gardens] to be next to each other

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There are 2 translations of toucher in English:


Pronunciation: /tuʃe/