Translation of tourner in English:


Pronunciation: /tuʀne/


  • 5tourner qn/qch en dérision to deride sb/sth
  • 6tourner et retourner qch dans son esprit to mull sth over


  • 3tourner (en rond) [person] to go round and round [driver] to drive round and round tourner en rond [fig], [discussion] to go round in circles
  • 4tourner autour de [sum of money] to be (somewhere) in the region of
  • 6les choses ont bien/mal tourné pour lui things turned out well/badly for him
  • 9tourner autour de qn to hang around sb

v refl (+ v être) (se tourner)

  • 1se tourner vers qn/qch to turn to sb/sth
  • 2se tourner vers qn/qch to turn toward(s) sb/sth

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