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Pronunciation: /zɔnst/

Translation of sonst in English:


  • 1der sonst so freundliche Mann …
    the man, who is/was usually so friendly, …
    er hat es wie sonst gemacht/besser als sonst gemacht
    he did it as usual/better than usual
    alles war wie sonst
    everything was [the same] as usual
    war das auch sonst so?
    has it always been like that?
  • 2 (außerdem, im Übrigen) sonst war alles unverändert
    otherwise nothing had changed
    wie gehts sonst?
    how are things otherwise?
    haben Sie sonst noch Fragen?
    have you any other questions?
    kommt sonst noch jemand od. wer?
    is anybody else coming?
    es wusste sonst niemand
    nobody or no one else knew
    hat er sonst nichts erzählt?
    [apart from that,] he didn't say anything else?
    er war ganz gut in Mathematik, aber sonst?
    he was quite good in mathematics, but apart from that?
    sonst noch was? [informal] (also ironic)
    anything else?
    sonst nichts, nichts sonst und wer weiß wer sonst noch
    and goodness knows who else
    [aber] sonst gehts dir gut od. sonst tut dir nichts weh? [slang] [ironic]
    anything else [you'd want]? [ironic]
    wer/was/wie/wo [denn] sonst?
    who/what/how/where else?
    sonst jemand od. wer [informal]
    somebody else
    (fragend, verneint) anybody else
    da könnte ja sonst jemand kommen [informal]
    anybody could or might come
    er meint, er ist sonst wer [informal]
    he thinks he's really something
    he thinks he's the bee's knees [informal]
    sonst was [informal]
    anything else
    er hat sonst was unternommen [informal]
    he has tried all sorts of things
    man hätte annehmen können, die Kinder hätten sonst was angestellt
    you would have thought the children had done something terrible
    sonst wie [informal]
    in some other way
    (fragend, verneint) in any other way
    sonst wo/wohin [informal]
    (fragend, verneint) anywhere else
    sonst woher [informal]
    (fragend, verneint) [from] anywhere else
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