Translation of in in English:


Pronunciation: /in/


  • in; (moto a luogo) to; (su) on; (dentro) within; (mezzo) by; (con materiale) made of essere in casa/ufficio be at home/at the office in mano/tasca in one's hand/pocket in fondo alla strada/borsa at the bottom of the street/bag andare in Francia/campagna go to France/the country salire in treno get on the train versa la birra nel bicchiere pour the beer into the glass in alto up there in giornata within the day nel 2011 in 2011 una borsa in pelle a bag made of leather, a leather bag in macchina [viaggiare, venire] by car in contanti [in] cash in vacanza on holiday di giorno in giorno from day to day se fossi in te if I were you siamo in sette there are seven of us

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