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Pronunciation: /ˈporre/

Translation of porre in English:

verbo transitivo

  • 1
    (mettere) to put
    (posare) to lay down, to put down
    (collocare) to set, to place
    porre i fiori nel vaso
    to put o place the flowers in a vase
    mi pose la mano sulla fronte
    he laid o put his hand on my forehead
    porre gli occhi, lo sguardo su qualcuno
    to set one's eyes o gaze on somebody
    porre la propria firma
    to affix one's signature
    porre rimedio a
    to cure, to remedy (disoccupazione, inflazione)
    porre mente a qualcosa
    to give o put one's mind to something
    porre l'assedio a qualcosa
    to lay siege to something
    porre le fondamenta
    to lay foundations (anche figurative)
    porre la prima pietra
    to lay the foundation stone
    porre un freno a
    to put o place a check on, to check (inflazione, immigrazione, crescita)
    porre fine o termine a qualcosa
    to put an end o stop to something, to bring something to an end
    porre fine alle sofferenze di qualcuno [euphemistic]
    to put somebody out of their misery
    porre fine ai propri giorni
    to end one's life
    porre l'accento su qualcosa
    to lay stress o emphasis on something, to put o place the stress on something
    si porrà l'accento sulla salute senza por tempo in mezzo
    without delay
  • 2 (seguito da preposizione)porre in atto un progetto
    to put a plan into action, to execute a plan
    porre a confronto porre in dubbio porre in essere
    to carry out, to realize
    porre in evidenza o in luce porre in fuga qualcuno
    to put somebody to flight
    porre in libertà
    to set free

also: porsi verbo pronominale

  • 1 (mettersi, collocarsi)
    to put oneself
    -rsi a sedere
    to sit down
    -rsi a tavola
    to sit down to dinner o to a meal
    -rsi a letto
    to get into bed
    -rsi in salvo
    to flee to safety
  • 2 (accingersi)-rsi al lavoro
    to go o set o get to work
    -rsi in cammino
    to take (to) o set forth o hit [informal]
    the road
  • 3 (proporsi)-rsi una domanda
    to ask oneself a question
    -rsi delle domande riguardo a qualcuno, qualcosa
    to wonder about somebody, something
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