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Pronunciation: /ˈsanto/

Translation of santo in English:

aggettivo the masculine form is santo before proper nouns that begin with s followed by a consonant; it becomes sant' before proper nouns that begin with a vowel and san before proper nouns that begin with a consonant

  • 4 (indubitabile)parole -e!
    how right you are!
  • 6 (in esclamazioni)-a pazienza!
    good Lord!
    santo cielo!
    heavens (above)! oh dear! God!
    -i numi!
    my goodness! heavens (above)!
    santo Dio!
    Holy Moses!
    Madonna -a!
    Good Heavens!

feminine: santa m., f.


non è uno stinco di santo

he's no angel

avere un santo o dei -i in paradiso

to have friends in high places

non so a che santo votarmi

I don't know which way o where to turn

avere la pazienza di un santo

to have the patience of a saint

non c'è santo che tenga

there's no getting round it

darle o suonarle a qualcuno di -a ragione

to thrash the living daylights out of somebody, to give somebody a good thrashing

essere come il diavolo e l'acqua -a

to be (like) oil and water

fare qualcosa in -a pace

to do something in peace and quiet

passata la festa gabbato lo santo

once on shore, we pray no more

scherza coi fanti e lascia stare i -i

= don't mix the sacred with the profane


santo Graal

Santo Padre

Santo Sepolcro

Santa Alleanza

Santa Madre Chiesa

Santa Sede

la santa Vergine

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Cultural Note: Santo patrono

In Italy worship of the saints is very strong. The patron saint of a town or community is considered to be its protector. His or her saint's day is a religious holiday on which schools, offices and most shops are closed. It is celebrated with a special mass and processions. In towns and cities illuminations are put up and there are stalls and sometimes a fair, in a mixture of the sacred and the secular.

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