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Pronunciation: /ˈskatola/

Translation of scatola in English:

nome femminile


comprare a scatola chiusa

to buy sight unseen

delitto a scatola chiusa

locked room mystery

averne le -e piene di

to be fed up (to the back teeth) with, to be sick (and tired) of, to be brassed off with (British English)

fare girare le -e a qualcuno

to give somebody the pip, to annoy o bug somebody

levarsi o togliersi dalle -e

to get out of somebody's way

togliti dalle -e!

(get) out of my o the way! buzz off!

rompere le -e

to be a pain in the neck

rompere le -e a qualcuno

to give somebody a pain (in the neck), to nag somebody, to brass somebody Off (British English)

non rompermi le -e!

don't be a pain!

che rottura di -e!

what a drag!

tuo fratello mi sta sulle -e

= I can't stand your brother


scatola armonica

scatola del cambio

scatola cranica

scatola di giunzione

scatola nera

scatole cinesi

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