Up to 55% Off Books and eBooks in Bulk
Up to 55% Off Books and eBooks in Bulk
David Brent The Office
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The awkward language of David Brent and The Office


‘David, some words would be useful here’: a sentence of exasperation from Neil Godwin, David Brent’s nemesis in the mockumentary…

Questions about language

Why is the alphabet arranged the way it is? How many words are there in the English language? Get the answers to some intriguing language questions.

Up to 55% Off Books and eBooks in Bulk

A new home for subscribers

We are delighted to announce that the new Oxford Dictionaries Premium site is now available to access for all current Oxford Dictionaries subscribers.

Quote of the week

“Cricket is basically baseball on valium.”

Robin Williams


American actor

Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge

Test your spelling skills with this interactive spelling game, with difficulty levels ranging from tricky to fiendish.

upstander new words
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Upstander, Turtle Island, and tink: an Oxford Dictionaries update


New words added to OxfordDictionaries.com come, as usual, from a wide variety of backgrounds and areas – from contemporary…