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  • 3 [actividad/propósito] to give up abandonó los estudios she abandoned o gave up her studies ¿vas a abandonar el curso cuando te falta tan poco? you're not going to drop out of o give up the course at this late stage, are you? abandonó la lucha he gave up the fight, he abandoned the struggle ha abandonado toda pretensión de salir elegido he has given up o abandoned any hopes he had of being elected abandonó la terapia he gave up his therapy, he stopped having therapy
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abandonarse v pron

  • 1 (descuidarse) desde que tuvo hijos se ha abandonado since she had her children she's let herself go no te abandones y ve al médico don't neglect your health, go and see the doctor
  • 2 (entregarse)abandonarse a algo [a vicios/placeres] to abandon oneself to sth se abandonó al ocio she gave herself up to o abandoned herself to a life of leisure se abandonó al sueño he gave in to o succumbed to sleep, he let sleep overcome him, he surrendered to sleep

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