There are 2 translations of ACA in English:


Pronunciation: /ˈaka/

nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • Automóvil Club Argentino

There are 2 translations of ACA in English:



  • 1 (en el espacio) where the location is more precise and no comparison is involved European Spanish prefers aquí ¡ven acá! come here! viven por acá they live around o/or near here ya viene para acá he's on his way over acá y allá here and there nos pasamos el día de acá para allá we spent the whole day going to and fro o/or going from one place to another un poquito más acá a little closer o/or nearer (to me), a little more this way Marcela acá se ha ofrecido para hacerlo Marcela here has offered to do it
  • 2 (en el tiempo) del verano (para) acá han pasado muchas cosas a lot has happened since the summer ¿de cuándo acá eres tú el que manda aquí? since when have you been in charge around here?