Translation of acaso in English:



  • 1 (en preguntas) ¿cómo lo sabes? ¿acaso estabas allí? how do you know? were you there by any chance? ¿acaso tengo yo la culpa de que se averió? is it my fault it broke down? ¿acaso no sabes que lo que has hecho es un delito? don't you know that what you've done is a crime?
  • 2 (en locs) 2.1por si acaso just in case yo me haría un seguro, por si acaso I'd take out some insurance, just in case por si acaso no te lo han dicho (just) in case nobody's told you ni por si acaso (CS) [familiar/colloquial], ese no te ayuda ni por si acaso you'll never get him to help you [colloquial/familiar] 2.2si acaso, si acaso me necesitaras, estaré en mi oficina if you should need me, I'll be in my office no fue tan horrible, si acaso un poco cansador it wasn't that bad, a little tiring maybe o perhaps si acaso dile que lo vas a pensar maybe o perhaps you could tell her you'll think about it si acaso cómpralo y si no te sirve lo devuelves you could always buy it and bring it back if it's not right
  • 3 [literary/literario] (quizás) acaso + subj maybe, perhaps acaso sea cierto lo que dijo maybe o perhaps what she said is true

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