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  • 1 1.1 (aproximar) acerca la lámpara un poco más bring the lamp a little closer o nearer intentaron acercar la mesa a la puerta they tried to move ( o pull etc) the table closer o nearer to the door acercó la silla a la mesa she drew her chair up to the table acercó las manos al fuego he held his hands closer to the fire ¿puedes acercarme ese libro? can you pass o give me that book? 1.2 (unir) [posturas/países] to bring … closer su primer hijo los acercó mucho their first child brought them much closer together
  • 2 (llevar) mi madre nos acercó a la parada my mother gave us a lift to o dropped us at the bus stop ¿te acerco a la estación? do you want a lift to o can I give you a lift to the station? esta tarde te acerco los libros I'll bring the books round this afternoon

acercarse v pron

  • 1 1.1 (aproximarse) to approach, to come/go/get closer o nearer acércate más (acercándose al hablante) come closer o nearer (alejándose del hablante) go o get closer o nearer ¡no te acerques! keep away!, don't come/go any closer o nearer! acercarse a algo/algn to approach sth/sb, to come/go/get closer to sth/sb según nos acercábamos a la ciudad as we got closer to o approached the city, as we drew near to the city no te acerques tanto al micrófono don't get so close to the microphone se le acercaron dos policías two policemen came up to o approached him se están acercando a una solución they are getting close to o edging towards a solution 1.2 [amigos/países] to draw o come closer together 1.3 [hora/momento] to draw near, approach se acercaba la fecha de su partida the day of her departure was drawing near o approaching ahora que se acercan las Navidades now that Christmas is coming
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  • 2 (ir, pasar) acércate una tarde a tomar café come around for coffee some afternoon ya que estaba en Londres me acerqué a la oficina a saludarlo as I was in London I went round to his office o (AmE) I dropped by his office to say hello
  • 3 [postura/ideas] (asemejarse)acercarse a algo to lean o tend toward(s) sth

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