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  • 1[ser] 1.1 (que no corresponde, pertenece) dos generaciones cuyos ideales son totalmente ajenos two generations whose ideals are completely alien to each other o have nothing in common un asunto que le era ajeno a matter that was o had nothing to do with him el ambiente en que ella se mueve me es totalmente ajeno the world she moves in is quite alien o foreign to meajeno a algo por razones ajenas a nuestra voluntad for reasons beyond our control prohibido el paso a toda persona ajena a la empresa staff only intereses ajenos a los de la empresa interests not in accord with those of the company 1.2 (que pertenece, corresponde a otro) se servía de una tarjeta de crédito ajena he was using another person's o someone else's credit card por el bien ajeno for the good of others el domingo juegan en campo ajeno on Sunday they're on the road (AmE) o (BrE) they're playing away (from home) las desgracias ajenas no me interesan I'm not interested in other people's misfortunes amigo2
  • 2 2.1[estar] (inatento) ajeno a algo unaware of sth, oblivious to sth trabajaba totalmente ajeno a lo que pasaba a su alrededor he worked on, completely unaware of o oblivious to what was going on around him 2.2[estar] (indiferente)ajeno a algo siempre permaneció ajeno a sus problemas he never got involved with her problems, he always remained aloof from her problems 2.3[ser] (no involucrado)ajeno a algo irregularidades a las que han sido ajenos irregularities to which they have not been party o in which they have not been involved

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