Translation of alcanzar in English:


verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 [persona] (llegar a la altura de) to catch up with, to catch … up (inglés británico/British English) ; (pillar, agarrar) to catch a este paso no los vamos a alcanzar nunca at this rate we'll never catch up with them o/or catch them up ¡a que no me alcanzas! bet you can't catch me! [familiar/colloquial]
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    1.2 (en los estudios, en una tarea) to catch … up, to catch up with; (en estatura) to catch up with empecé después que tú y ya te alcancé I started after you and I've caught up with you already ¡qué alto está! cualquier día alcanzará a su hermano look how tall he's getting! he'll be catching up with his brother soon!
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  • 2 2.1 [lugar] to reach, get to los bomberos habían logrado alcanzar el segundo piso the firemen had managed to reach o/or get up to the second floor a pesar del tráfico alcancé el avión/tren despite the traffic I managed to catch the plane/train lo alcancé con un palo I used a pole to get at it o/or reach it 2.2 [temperatura] to reach; [edad/pubertad] to reach el termómetro alcanzó los 40 grados the thermometer got up to o reached o registered 40 degrees estos árboles alcanzan una gran altura these trees can reach o/or grow to a great height algunos lagos alcanzan los 300 metros de profundidad some lakes are as deep as 300 meters o/or reach depths of 300 meters un libro donde la estupidez alcanza su máxima expresión a book in which stupidity reaches its peak o/or which is the ultimate in stupidity el aire expulsado alcanza una velocidad de 120 km/h the air expelled reaches a speed of 120 kph el proyectil alcanzaba distancias de casi 1.000 metros the projectile could reach distances of o/or had a range of almost 1,000 meters alcanzar la mayoría de edad to come of age, to reach the age of majority 2.3 (conseguir, obtener) [objetivo/resultado] to achieve; [acuerdo] to reach; [fama/éxito] to achieve alcanzó todas las metas que se propuso en la vida he achieved all the goals he set himself in life los resultados alcanzados hasta ahora son excelentes the results achieved o/or attained up to now have been excellent los acuerdos alcanzados en materia de desarme the agreements reached in the field of disarmament se pretende alcanzar una recaudación de 100 millones de pesos they are hoping to take in (inglés norteamericano/American English) o/or (inglés británico/British English) take as much as 100 million pesos los candidatos no alcanzaban el nivel requerido the candidates did not reach o/or meet the required standard
  • 3 (acercar, pasar) alcanzarle algo a algn to pass sb sth, to pass sth to sb ¿me alcanzas ese libro? could you pass me that book?

verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1 (llegar) está muy alto, no alcanzo it's too high, I can't reach it hasta donde alcanzaba la vista as far as the eye could see alcanzar a + infinitivo/infinitive to manage to + infinitivo/infinitive no alcanzó a terminar she didn't manage to finish hasta donde alcanzo a ver, la situación no tiene arreglo as far as I can see there's no solution algo que la mente humana no alcanza a entender something which the human mind cannot comprehend
  • 2 (ser suficiente) el pollo no alcanzará para todos there won't be enough chicken for everyone o/or to go round el sueldo no le alcanza he can't manage o/or get by on his salary me alcanzará hasta final de mes it will see me through to the end of the month no me alcanza el papel para envolver el regalo I haven't got enough paper to wrap the present in con que le des una limpiadita, alcanza if you give it a quick clean, that will do o/or that will be good enough

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