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  • 1 1.1 (tomar nota de) [dirección/nombre] to make a note of anota mi número de teléfono make a note of my phone number ya he anotado lo que tengo que comprar I've noted down o jotted down o made a note of what I have to buy asegúrate de anotar todos los detalles make sure you take down o make a note of all the details
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    1.2 [texto] to annotate
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    1.3 (RPl) (en un curso) to enroll (AmE) o (BrE) enrol, put … down; (para una excursión, actividad) to put … down anotó a su hija en la clase de baile she enrolled her daughter o put her daughter down for the dance class anótenme para el partido del sábado put me down for Saturday's game

anotarse v pron

  • 2 (RPl) (para una excursión, actividad) to put one's name down, sign up; (en un curso) to enroll (AmE) o (BrE) enrol nos vamos a bailar ¿te anotás? we're going dancing, do you want to come along? o (BrE) do you fancy coming? estábamos pensando ir al cine — ¡(yo) me anoto! [familiar/colloquial] we were thinking of going to the movies — you can count me in o I'll come!anotarse en algo me anoté en la clase de ruso I enrolled o signed up for the Russian class ¿ya te anotaste en el curso? have you enrolled on o signed up for the course yet? me anoté para ir a la excursión I put my name down o put myself down o signed up for the trip
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