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Translation of aprovechar in English:

transitive verb

  • (tiempo/recursos/talento)
    to make good use of
    to take advantage of
    sabe aprovechar muy bien su tiempo
    she really knows how to use her time well or how to make the most of her time
    para aprovechar el espacio al máximo
    to make maximum or best use of the space
    aprovechan la presión de agua para generar electricidad
    they make use of or take advantage of or utilize the water pressure to generate electricity
    aprovecharon estos momentos de pánico para saquear varias tiendas
    they took advantage of the panic to loot several stores
    aprovechando la ocasión les diré que …
    I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that …
    I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to tell you that … [formal]
    may I take this opportunity to tell you that …?
    aprovechó la oportunidad para hacerse publicidad
    he used the opportunity to promote himself
    he availed himself of the opportunity to promote himself [formal]
    aprovecho la presente para saludarlo atentamente
    (I remain) sincerely yours (US)
    (I remain) yours faithfully (British)
    voy a aprovechar que hace buen tiempo para ir a escalar
    I'm going to take advantage of the good weather to go climbing
    aprovecho que tengo un ratito libre para escribirte
    I finally have a spare moment so I thought I'd write to you
    no tira nada, todo lo aprovecha
    she doesn't throw anything away, she makes use of everything
    sabe aprovechar muy bien su belleza
    she knows how to make the most of her looks
    aprovecharé los restos de pollo para hacer unas croquetas
    I'll use the chicken leftovers to make some croquettes
    aprovecha tu juventud y diviértete
    make the most of your youth and enjoy yourself

intransitive verb

  • como pasaba por aquí, aproveché para venir a verte
    I was passing so I thought I'd take the opportunity to come and see you
    ya que lo paga la empresa, voy a aprovechar y comprar el más caro
    since the company is paying, I'm going to make the most of it and buy the dearest one
    ¡que aproveche!
    enjoy your meal
    bon appétit
    aprovechen ahora, que no tienen niños
    make the most of it now, while you don't have children

also: aprovecharse pronominal verb

  • 1 1.1 (abusar)aprovecharse de algo/alguien
    to take advantage of something/somebody
    to exploit something/somebody
    se aprovechó de que no estaban sus padres para hacer una fiesta
    he took advantage of his parents being away to have a party
    he exploited the fact that his parents were away to have a party
    1.2 (abusar sexualmente)aprovecharse de alguien
    (una mujer)
    to take advantage of somebody
    (un niño)
    to abuse somebody
  • 2 (enfático)aprovéchate ahora que eres joven
    make the most of it while you're young
Example sentences
  • Estamos en una coyuntura económica internacional favorable que debemos aprovechar.
  • Para aprovechar dichas tecnologías el Perú requiere formar una masa crítica de capital humano.
  • Un mineral no puede aprovechar el universo de manera plena.
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