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sustantivo masculino

  • 1 (repugnancia) ¡qué asco!
    how revolting!
    how disgusting!
    no pongas cara de asco
    don't make a face o that face
    don't pull a face (British English)
    le dan asco las zanahorias
    he can't stand carrots
    no pude comerlo, me dio asco
    I couldn't eat it, it made me feel sick
    la casa estaba tan sucia que daba asco
    the house was in a disgusting o revolting state
    tanta corrupción da asco
    all this corruption is sickening
    le tengo asco al queso
    I can't stand cheese
    cheese turns my stomach
    le tengo asco
    I really loathe o detest him
    hacerle ascos a algo [colloquial]
    to turn one's nose up at something
    morirse de asco (Spain) [colloquial]
    to get bored stiff o to death [colloquial]
    en este pueblo uno se muere de asco
    it's deathly (American English) o (British English) deadly boring in this village
    you get bored stiff o bored to death in this village
    poner a alguien del asco (Mexico) [colloquial]
    to rip somebody to shreds o pieces
    tear into somebody (American English) [colloquial]
  • 2 [colloquial] (cosa repugnante, molesta) la película es un asco, pura violencia y sexo
    the movie is disgusting, nothing but sex and violence
    tienen la casa que es un asco
    their house is like a pigsty o (British English) is a tip [colloquial]
    el parque está hecho un asco
    the park is in a real state [colloquial]
    the park looks like (American English) o (British English) looks a real mess [colloquial]
    ¡qué asco de tiempo!
    what foul o lousy weather!
    ¡qué asco de vida!
    what a (rotten) life!
    ¡qué asco! otra vez lloviendo
    raining again! what a drag! o what a pain! [colloquial]
Example sentences
  • Aunque no lo creas, el fujimorismo también me causa cierto asco.
  • Le tengo asco a la vida en este instante.
  • Inigualable expresión de asco de la hija del delincuente Fujimori.
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