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Translation of asunto in English:

nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 1.1 (cuestión, problema) matter no hemos hablado del asunto del viaje we haven't talked about the trip, we haven't discussed the matter o/or question of the trip [formal] este es un asunto muy delicado this is a very delicate matter o/or issue se pelearon por el asunto de la herencia they fell out over the inheritance han quedado algunos asuntos pendientes there are still a few matters o questions o things to be resolved está implicado en un asunto de drogas he's mixed up in something to do with drugs están hablando de asuntos de negocios they're talking about business matters tengo un asunto muy importante entre manos I'm dealing with a very important matter no es asunto tuyo it's none of your business mal asunto, mañana viene el director general I don't like the look of this, the general manager's coming tomorrow y asunto concluido, ya te he dicho que no y asunto concluido I've already said no and that's that o that's final o that's all there is to it si se van a pelear por la pelota yo se la quito y asunto concluido if you're going to fight over the ball, I'll take it away and that'll be the end of that 1.2 [peyorativo/pejorative] (relación amorosa) affair tuvo un asuntillo con la secretaria he had a brief fling with his secretary 1.3 (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) [familiar/colloquial] (razón, sentido) ¿a asunto de qué or con qué asunto se lo dijiste? what did you go and tell him for? [familiar/colloquial], why on earth did you tell him? [familiar/colloquial] le encuentro muy poco asunto a esto I don't see much point in this ¿a asunto de qué me voy a ir hasta allá si no van a estar? what on earth's the point of my going all the way there if they're not going to be in? [familiar/colloquial]


asuntos exteriores

nombre plural femenino/plural feminine noun

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