Translation of caca in English:



  • 1 1.1 [fam o leng infantil] (excremento) ¿has hecho caca? have you been to the bathroom (AmE) o (BrE) toilet? [euphemism/eufemismo], have you done a poop (AmE) o (BrE) a pooh? [used to or by children] el niño se ha hecho caca the baby needs changing, the baby's dirtied his diaper (AmE) o (BrE) nappy [colloquial/familiar] me hice caca I messed myself, I messed my pants caca de perro dog mess ¡no toques eso! ¡caca! don't touch that, it's dirty! 1.2 [familiar/colloquial] (porquería) su último libro es una caca his last book is trash, his last book is rubbish o a load of rubbish (BrE) [colloquial/familiar]

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