Translation of callar in English:



  • to be quiet, shut up [familiar/colloquial] calla, que no me dejas oír be quiet o/or shut up, I can't hear lloró toda la noche, no hubo manera de hacerlo callar he cried all night, nothing we could do would make him stop ya tiene tres niños — ¡calla! [familiar/colloquial] she has three children now — never! o/or she hasn't! [familiar/colloquial] quien calla otorga silence implies o/or gives consent


  • 1.1 [secreto] to keep … to oneself intentaron callar estas cifras they attempted to keep these figures quiet 1.2 (América Latina/Latin America) [persona] callen a esos niños get those children to be quiet, shut those kids up, will you? [familiar/colloquial]

callarse v pron

  • 1.1 (guardar silencio) to be quiet ¡cállate! be quiet!, shut up! [familiar/colloquial] ¡cállate la boca! [familiar/colloquial] shut your mouth! [argot/slang] ¿te quieres callar de una vez? will you shut up! cuando entró todos se callaron when he walked in everyone went quiet o/or stopped talking la próxima vez no me callaré next time I won't keep quiet 1.2 (no decir) [noticia] to keep … quiet, keep … to oneself

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