Translation of carrera in English:



  • 2 2.1 [familiar/colloquial] (corrida) tendremos que echar una carrera si queremos alcanzar el tren we'll have to get moving o get a move on if we want to catch the train [colloquial/familiar] darse or pegarse una carrera to run as fast as one can, run like the clappers (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] me fui de una carrera a casa de la abuela I tore o raced o rushed round to my grandmother's house [colloquial/familiar] a la carrera or a las carreras, siempre anda a las carreras she's always in a hurry o rush se llevó el dinero y huyó a la carrera he took the money and ran hice la última parte a las carreras I really rushed through the last part tomar carrera to take a run-up 2.2 (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] hacer la carrera to work as a prostitute, turn tricks (AmE) [slang/argot] hace la carrera por las Ramblas she works her beat o turns tricks along the Ramblas [slang/argot]
  • 3 3.1 [Educ] degree course seguir or hacer una carrera universitaria to do a degree course, to study for a degree está haciendo la carrera de Derecho he's doing a degree in law o a law degree tiene la carrera de Físicas she has a degree in physics cuando termine la carrera piensa colocarse de profesora when she finishes her studies o degree o when she graduates she intends to get a job as teacher dejó la carrera a medias he dropped out halfway through college (AmE) he dropped out halfway through university o through his degree course (BrE) muy pocos podían dar carrera a sus hijos very few people could afford to put their children through college (AmE) o (BrE) university 3.2 (profesión, trayectoria) career es una mujer de carrera she's a career woman un diplomático/militar de carrera a career diplomat/officer hizo su carrera en el cuerpo diplomático he pursued a career in the diplomatic corps hacer carrera to carve out a career empieza a hacer carrera en el cine she is beginning to make a name for herself in movies no poder hacer carrera de or con algn, no puedo hacer carrera de este hijo mío I can't do a thing with this son of mine


    carrera media

    • three-year university course

    carrera superior

    • five-year university course

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