There are 2 translations of chicha in English:



There are 2 translations of chicha in English:


nombre femenino/feminine noun

  • 1 (bebida alcohólica)[ alcoholic drink made from fermented maize, also called chicha bruja ] blanco como la chicha (Venezuela) white as a sheet [familiar/colloquial] ni chicha ni limonada [familiar/colloquial] neither one thing nor the other, neither fish nor fowl sacarle la chicha a algn (Venezuela) [familiar/colloquial], pagan bien pero nos sacan la chicha they pay well but they make you work for your money o/or they get their pound of flesh volver chicha a algn [familiar/colloquial] to beat sb to pulp volverse (una) chicha (Venezuela) [familiar/colloquial] to get in a muddle [familiar/colloquial]


    chicha andina

    • [ alcoholic drink made with corn flour and pineapple juice ]

    chicha de manzana

    • [ alcoholic drink made from apple juice ]

    chicha de uva

    • [ alchoholic drink made from grape juice ]
  • 2 (bebida sin alcohol)[ cold drink made with maize or fruit ]