Translation of chiste in English:



  • 2 (Bol, CS, Méx) (broma) joke vamos a hacerle un chiste let's play a joke o trick on her no es chiste, le debo más de un millón de pesos it's no joke o I'm not joking, I owe her more than a million pesos ¿me lo estás diciendo en chiste? are you joking?, is that a joke? ni de chiste (Méx) [familiar/colloquial] no way [colloquial/familiar] ni de chiste le vuelvo a prestar dinero there's no way I'm going to lend him money again, I'm not going to lend him money again, no chance o no way!
  • 3 (Col, Méx) [familiar/colloquial] (gracia) el chiste es hacerlo en menos de un minuto the idea o point is to do it in less than a minute tiene el chiste del paisaje y nada más (Méx) it has the countryside but that's about it tener su chiste (Méx) to be tricky se ve fácil pero tiene su chiste it looks easy but it's quite tricky o it's not at all straightforward

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