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Translation of cobrar in English:

transitive verb

  • 4 (Chile) (pedir) le cobré los libros que le presté
    I asked him to give back or return the books I'd lent him or I asked him for the books I'd lent him
    cobrarle la palabra a alguien (Chile) [colloquial]
    to hold somebody to his/her/their word
  • 6 6.1 (adquirir) cobrar importancia/fama
    to become important/famous
    las negociaciones cobraron un nuevo impulso
    the negotiations were given fresh impetus
    cobran especial relieve los trabajos del Instituto cuando …
    the work done by the Institute takes on special significance when …
    se detuvo a cobrar fuerzas
    he stopped to get his strength back
    cobró ánimos y fue a decírselo
    he plucked up the courage and went and told her
    6.2 (tomar) cobrarle cariño a alguien
    to grow fond of somebody
    con el tiempo le fui cobrando cariño
    as time went by I grew fond of her
    cobrarle sentimientos a alguien (Chile)
    to be upset with somebody

intransitive verb

  • 1 (por un servicio, unas mercancías) vino el lechero a cobrar
    the milkman came to be paid
    ¿me cobra, por favor?
    can I have the check please?
    can you take for this, please?
    can I pay, please?
    llámame por cobrar (Chile) (Mexico)
    call collect (US)
    reverse the charges (British)
  • 2 (recibir el sueldo)
    to be paid
    llevamos dos meses sin cobrar
    we haven't been paid for two months
  • 3 [colloquial] (recibir una paliza) ¡como no te estés quieto, vas a cobrar!
    if you don't keep still you're going to get it! [colloquial]

also: cobrarse pronominal verb

  • 1 (recibir dinero) tenga, cóbrese
    here you are
    cóbrese las cervezas de aquí
    can you take for these beers?
    can I pay for these beers?
Example sentences
  • EsSalud ya cobra tasas preferenciales a centros mineros que cuentan con infraestructura de sanidad propia.
  • Pero el tiempo pasó y cobró muy caro en su andar.
  • Por su uso cobran un impuesto que llaman canon.
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