There are 2 translations of cola in English:



  • 2 2.1 (fila, línea) line (AmE) queue (BrE) podemos esperar, no hay mucha cola we could wait, there isn't much of a line o queue tuvimos que hacer cola durante dos horas we had to wait in line o we had to queue for two hours ¡a la cola! get in line!, get in the queue! pónganse a la cola por favor please join the (end of the) line o queue brincarse or saltarse la cola (Méx) to push in (colloq) to cut the line (AmE) to jump the queue (BrE) 2.2 (de una clasificación, carrera) un partido entre dos equipos en la cola a game between two bottom-of-the-league teams o two teams at the bottom of the division en lo que se refiere a la investigación científica estamos a la cola as far as scientific research is concerned, we are at the bottom of the pile o the league [colloquial/familiar] a la cola del pelotón at the tail end of the group
  • 5 (Ven) [Auto] pedir cola to hitchhike ¿me puedes dar la cola? can you give me a lift o a ride?

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There are 2 translations of cola in English:



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