There are 2 translations of comer in English:


verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (tomar alimentos) to eat no tengo ganas de comer I'm not hungry o/or I don't feel like eating anything no hay nada para comer there's nothing to eat este niño no me come nada [familiar/colloquial] this child won't eat anything (I make for him) [familiar/colloquial] las palomas comían de su mano the pigeons were eating out of o/or from her hand el sueldo apenas si les alcanza para comer he hardly earns enough to feed them comer como un sabañón or (España/Spain) una lima or (México/Mexico) un pelón de hospicio [familiar/colloquial] to eat like a horse comer como un pajarito [familiar/colloquial] to eat like a bird 1.2dar de comer to feed todavía hay que darle de comer (en la boca) we still have to spoonfeed him darle de comer al gato to feed the cat tengo que darles de comer a los niños I have to get the kids something to eat, I have to feed the kids nos dieron de comer muy bien they fed us very well ni siquiera nos dieron de comer they didn't even give us anything to eat darle a algn de comer aparte [familiar/colloquial] to treat sb with kid gloves
  • 2 2.1 (tomar una comida) todavía no hemos comido we haven't eaten yet, we haven't had lunch ( o/or dinner etc) yet hace mucho tiempo que no salimos a comer (fuera) we haven't been out for a meal o/or eaten out for ages ¿dónde comieron anoche? where did you go for dinner o/or have dinner last night? no queremos comer en el hotel we don't want to have our meals in the hotel o/or to eat at the hotel ¡niños, a comer! lunchtime ( o/or dinnertime etc), children! ¿qué hay de comer? (a mediodía) what's for lunch? (por la noche) what's for dinner o/or supper? aquí se come muy bien the food here is very good donde comen dos, comen tres there's always room for one more at the table 2.2 (especialmente España, México/especially Spain, Mexico) (almorzar) to have lunch, have dinner (inglés británico/British English) [familiar/colloquial] nos invitaron a comer they asked us to lunch 2.3 (especialmente América Latina/especially Latin America) (cenar) to have dinner comemos a las nueve we have o/or eat dinner at nine nos invitaron a comer they asked o/or invited us to dinner

verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 1 [fruta/verdura/carne] to eat como mucha fruta I eat a lot of fruit no puedo comer chocolate I can't have o/or eat chocolate come un poco de queso have a little cheese tienes que comer todo lo que te sirvan you must eat (up) everything they give you ¿puedo comer otro? can I have another one? no tienen qué comer they don't have anything to eat nadie te va a comer [familiar/colloquial] nobody's going to bite your head off, nobody's going to eat you mira el suéter, me lo comió la polilla look at my sweater, the moths have been at it o/or it's really moth-eaten como un cáncer que le come las entrañas [literario/literary] like a cancer gnawing away at his insides sin comerlo ni beberlo or sin comerla ni beberla, me llevé el castigo sin comerlo ni beberlo I got punished even though I didn't have anything to do with it o/or any part in it ¿(y) eso con qué se come? [familiar/colloquial] what on earth's that? [familiar/colloquial], what's that when it's at home? (inglés británico/British English) [familiar/colloquial]
  • 2 [familiar/colloquial] (hacer desaparecer) ese peinado le come mucho la cara that hairstyle hides half her face estos zapatos me comen los calcetines my socks keep slipping down with these shoes estos gastos nos han empezado a comer los ahorros these expenses have started eating into our savings el alquiler me come la mitad del sueldo the rent swallows up half my salary, half my salary goes on the rent si seguimos así nos va a comer la mugre if we go on like this we'll be swallowed up by dirt

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (comerse)

  • 1 [acento/palabra] te has comido todos los acentos you've left off o forgotten o (inglés británico/British English) missed off all the accents me comí dos líneas I missed out o/or skipped two lines se comen la 's' final they don't pronounce the final 's', they leave off o/or drop the final 's' se come la mitad de las palabras he swallows o/or he doesn't pronounce half his words
  • 3 [familiar/colloquial] (hacer desaparecer) el sol se ha ido comiendo los colores de la alfombra the sun has faded the colors in the carpet el mar se ha comido casi toda la arena the sea has washed away nearly all the sand el ácido se come el metal the acid eats into o/or eats away the metal el colegio de los niños se me come casi todo el sueldo almost all my salary goes on the children's school fees, the children's school fees eat up almost all of my salary

There are 2 translations of comer in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun