Translation of comunicar in English:



  • 1 [formal] 1.1 (informar) to inform siento mucho tener que comunicarle que … I regret to inform you that … se comunica a los señores socios que … shareholders should note that … le comunicaron la noticia por teléfono they informed him of o told him o gave him the news over the telephone acaban de comunicarnos el resultado we have just been informed of o given o told the result 1.2 (AmL) (por teléfono) [persona] to put … through ¿me comunica con la sección de ventas? can you put me through to the sales department?


  • 1 (Esp) 1.1 (ponerse en contacto) comunicar con algn to get in touch o contact with sb estoy intentando comunicar con él I'm trying to get in contact o touch with him marque el número del abonado con el que desee comunicar dial the number you require o the number of the person you wish to speak to 1.2 [teléfono] to be busy (AmE) o (BrE) engaged está comunicando it's busy o engaged
  • 2 [habitaciones] to be connected

comunicarse v pron

  • 2 [habitaciones/ciudades/lagos] (recípr) to be connected comunicarse con algo to be connected to sth la cocina se comunica con el comedor the kitchen is connected to the dining room, the kitchen leads onto o adjoins the dining room

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