Translation of concurrir in English:



  • 1 1.1 (asistir, acudir) concurrir a algo to attend sth los que no concurran al acto those who do not attend the ceremony un numeroso público concurrió a la inauguración de la galería a large number of people attended the opening of the gallery 1.2 (tomar parte)concurrir a algo concurre como candidato conservador a las próximas elecciones he is running (AmE) o (BrE) standing as a conservative candidate in the forthcoming elections todos los partidos que concurren a los comicios all the parties taking part in o fighting the election 50 novelas concurren al Premio Júpiter 50 novels are in the running for the Jupiter Prize
  • 2 (confluir) 2.1 [factores/circunstancias] varios factores concurren para que ocurra a number of factors come together o combine for this to occur si concurren circunstancias agravantes in the event of aggravating circumstances, if there are aggravating circumstancesconcurrir en algo diversos factores han concurrido en el fracaso de las negociaciones various factors have combined o have come together to bring about the breakdown in negotiations las circunstancias que concurren en cada caso particular the combination of circumstances surrounding each individual case concurrir a algo to contribute to sth varios factores concurrieron a la pérdida de la cosecha several factors contributed to the failure of the harvest 2.2 [calles/avenidas] to meet, converge

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