Translation of confianza in English:



  • 1 (fe) confidence un médico que me inspira confianza a doctor who I have faith in o who I trust, a doctor who inspires me with confidence su actitud no despierta confianza her attitude does not inspire confidence lo considero digno de toda confianza he has my complete trust confianza en algn/algo confidence in sb/sth tiene mucha confianza en sí misma she is very self-confident, she is full of confidence, she has plenty of self-confidence tengo plena confianza en que todo saldrá bien I have every confidence o I'm quite confident that it will all turn out well había puesto toda mi confianza en él I had put all my trust o faith in him de confianza [persona] trustworthy, reliable, dependable [producto] reliable ocupa un puesto de confianza en la compañía he has a position of trust within the company quieren nombrar a alguien de su confianza they want to appoint someone they can trust
  • 2 (amistad, intimidad) tenemos mucha confianza we are close friends, we know each other very well díselo tú, yo no tengo tanta confianza con él you tell him, I don't know him as well as you do no les des tanta confianza a los alumnos don't let your pupils be so familiar with you, don't let your pupils take liberties with you like that nada de ceremonias, estamos en confianza there's no need to stand on ceremony, things are pretty informal here puedes hablar con franqueza, estamos en confianza you can speak your mind, you're among friends unas copas nos hicieron entrar en confianza a few drinks helped us relax o set us all at our ease es muy tímida y le cuesta entrar en confianza con la gente she is very shy and it takes her a while to open up with o feel confident with o feel at home with people te lo digo en confianza, pero no lo repitas I'm telling you in confidence, don't repeat it hablando en confianza, olía muy mal between you and me, it smelt awful puedes venir como estás, ellos son de confianza you can come as you are, they're people we know well o they're good friends
  • 3
    (confianzas fpl)
    (libertades) no le des tantas confianzas don't let him be so familiar with you, don't let him take liberties with you like that ¿qué confianzas son ésas? [familiar/colloquial] you've got some nerve! [colloquial/familiar]

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