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  • 1.1 [objetivo/fin/resultado] to achieve, obtain; [entrada/plaza/empleo] to get no conseguirás nada de él you won't get anything out of him siempre consigue lo que se propone she always achieves what she sets out to do si lo intentas, al final lo conseguirás if you try, you'll succeed in the end un artista que ha conseguido un estilo propio an artist who has developed o achieved his own style al final consiguió un permiso de trabajo he finally got o managed to get a work permit todavía no ha conseguido trabajo she still hasn't got a job o found work consiguió el primer premio en el concurso she won first prize in the competition la película consiguió un gran éxito de crítica the film was very well received by the critics consiguieron una mayoría aplastante they obtained an overwhelming majority consiguió la victoria con su último lanzamiento she won with her last throw
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    1.2conseguir + inf to manage to + inf no consigo entenderlo I can't work it out al final conseguí convencer a mis padres I finally managed to talk my parents round consiguió clasificarse para la final she managed to qualify o she qualified for the final 1.3conseguir que + subj si sigues así vas a conseguir que me enfade if you carry on like that, you're going to get me annoyed al final conseguí que me dejaran pasar I finally got them to let me through, I finally managed to persuade them to let me through conseguí que me lo prestara I got him o I managed to get him to lend it to me


  • (RPl) conseguir con algn/algo to get through to sb/sth no puedo conseguir con él/con ese número I can't get through to him/to that number

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