Translation of consistir in English:



  • 1 (expresando composición) consistir en algo to consist of sth el mobiliario consistía en una cama y unos estantes para libros the furniture consisted of a bed and some bookshelves en eso consistía todo su vocabulario that was the full extent of his vocabulary en eso consiste todo su capital that's the sum total of his capital
  • 2 2.1 (expresando naturaleza)consistir en algo ¿en qué consiste el juego? what does the game involve? consistir en + infinitivo/infinitive to involve o/or entail -ing el trabajo consiste en traducir artículos de periódicos the job involves o/or entails translating newspaper articles 2.2 (radicar) consistir en algo to lie in sth en eso consiste su gracia that is what gives it its charm, that is where its charm lies el secreto consiste en usar aceite de oliva the secret is to use olive oil, the secret lies o/or consists in using olive oil

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