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  • 1 1.1 (de un hecho, una idea) to convince no se dejó convencer she wouldn't be convinced o persuaded convencer a algn de algo to convince sb of sth la convenció de la necesidad de tomar medidas he convinced her of the need to take action no logré convencerlo de lo contrario I couldn't persuade him otherwise los convencí de que hablaba en serio I persuaded o convinced them that I was serious el artículo me convenció de que era verdad lo que se rumoreaba the article convinced me that the rumors were true me costó convencerla de que no tenía razón I had difficulty convincing her that she was wrong
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    1.2 (para hacer algo) to persuade yo no quería ir pero mi hermana me convenció I didn't want to go but my sister persuaded me to o persuaded me o talked me into it convencer a algn para orde que + subj to persuade sb to + inf a ver si la convences para que nos dé las llaves do you think you can talk her into giving us o persuade her to give us the keys? no logramos convencerlo de que apoyara nuestra moción we couldn't persuade him to support our motion, we couldn't convince him that he should support our motion no pude convencerlo de que me prestara dinero I couldn't persuade him to lend me any money
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  • 2 (en frases negativas) (satisfacer) es simpático, pero no me acaba de convencer he's nice enough but there's something about him I don't like o something about him I'm not sure about no me convence del todo la idea I'm not absolutely sure o completely convinced about the idea la explicación que dio no convenció a nadie his explanation wasn't at all convincing me cuesta decidirme porque ninguno me convence demasiado I can't decide because I'm not really sure about any of them o because none of them is really what I was after será muy buena actriz, pero en ese papel no me convence she may be a very good actress, but I don't like her in that role

convencerse v pron

  • se lo he dicho mil veces pero no se convence I've told him hundreds of times but he won't be convinced o he won't believe it ¡convéncete, estás equivocado! believe me, you're wrong!convencerse de algo ¿ahora te convences de que tenía razón? now do you believe I was right? te tienes que convencer de que tu madre tiene razón you have to accept that your mother is right

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