Translation of convenir in English:



  • 1 1.1 (ser aconsejable) no conviene beber alcohol durante el tratamiento it is not advisable to drink alcohol during the treatment no conviene que nos vean juntos it's better that we aren't seen together, it isn't a good idea for us to be seen together (+ me/te/le etc) te conviene hacer lo que te dicen you'd better do as you're told por ese precio no te conviene venderlo it's not worth your while selling it at that price no le conviene que eso se sepa it's not in his interest for anybody to know that ese hombre no te conviene that man is not right o/or is no good for you 1.2 (venir bien) (+ me/te/le etc) a mí el jueves no me conviene Thursday's no good for me, Thursday doesn't suit me te convendría tomarte unas vacaciones it would do you good to take a vacation, you could do with a vacation
  • 2 2.1 (acordar) convenir en algo to agree (on) sth hemos convenido en la fecha/el precio we have agreed (on) o/or reached agreement on a date/a price convinieron en que esperarían or en esperar un mes they agreed to wait a month 2.2 (asentir, admitir) [formal]convenir en algo convengo en que en este caso es lo mejor I agree that in this case it is best y convengamos en que tenemos muchos motivos para estar contentos and we should admit o/or concede that we have many reasons to feel pleased


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