There are 2 translations of corte in English:



  • 7 (tendencia, estilo) canciones de corte romántico songs of a romantic kind o nature, romantic songs un discurso de neto corte nacionalista a speech with a clear nationalistic slant o bias o feeling to it en cualquier país de corte democrático in any country of democratic persuasion
  • 10 (RPl) [familiar/colloquial] (atención) darle corte a algn to take notice of sb darse corte (RPl) [familiar/colloquial] to show off
  • 11 (paso)dance step used in the tango

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There are 2 translations of corte in English:



  • 3
    (las Cortes fpl)
    [Pol] (en Esp) Parliament, the legislative assembly las Cortes generales se reunieron ayer Parliament met yesterday frente a las Cortes opposite the Parliament building Cortes Generales


    cortes constituyentes

    • constituent assembly
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