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Translation of cosa in English:

nombre femenino/feminine noun

  • 1 1.1 (objeto) thing cualquier cosa anything ¿alguna otra cosa? or ¿alguna cosa más? anything else? pon cada cosa en su sitio put everything in its place te he traído una cosita I've brought you a little something ¡pero qué cosa más bonita! [familiar/colloquial] what a pretty thing! queda poca cosa there's hardly anything left lo tienen que operar de no sé qué cosa he has to have an operation for something or other, he has to have some sort of operation hay muchas cosas que ver there are lots of things to see, there's plenty to see 1.2 (acto, acción) no sé hacer otra cosa it's the only thing I know how to do lo siento pero no puedo hacer otra cosa I'm sorry but there's nothing else I can do o/or it's the only thing I can do me gusta hacer las cosas bien I like to do things properly no me gusta dejar las cosas a medias I don't like doing things by halves entre una(s) cosa(s) y otra(s) se me pasó el tiempo volando with one thing and another the time just flew by me parece la cosa más natural del mundo I think that's absolutely normal o/or right 1.3 (al hablar) ¡qué cosas dices, hombre! really, what a thing to say! o you do say some strange ( o silly etc) things! dime una cosa ¿tú que piensas de todo esto? tell me, what do you make of all this? oye, una cosa … ¿qué vas a hacer esta noche? by the way … what are you doing tonight? tengo que contarte una cosa there's something I have to tell you 1.4 (detalle, punto) aquí habría que aclarar una cosa importante there's an important point here that I ought to clear up aquí hay una cosa que no entiendo there's something here I don't understand 1.5 (asunto, tema) thing tenía cosas más importantes en que pensar I had more important things to think about hay un par de cosas que me gustaría discutir contigo there are a couple of things o/or matters I'd like to discuss with you no creo que la cosa funcione I don't think it's o/or this is going to work está muy preocupada, y la cosa no es para menos she's very worried, and so she should be ¡pues sí que tiene gracia la cosa! [irónico] [familiar/colloquial] well, that's great, isn't it! [ironic] [familiar/colloquial] no va a ser cosa fácil it's not going to be easy en mis tiempos casarse era cosa seria in my day getting married was a serious thing o/or matter se enfada por cualquier cosa he gets angry over the slightest thing si por cualquier cosa no puedes venir, avísame if you can't come for any reason, let me know por una cosa o por otra, siempre llega tarde for one reason or other he always arrives late esto no es otra cosa que nervios it's just nerves esto no es cosa de broma/risa this is no joke, this is no laughing matter la cosa es que no voy a tener tiempo the thing is that o/or it's just that I'm not going to have time la cosa es que si no llega en cinco minutos me voy look o/or well, if he's not here in five minutes, I'm going quicio


    cosa juzgada

    cosa pública

  • 3 (situación, suceso) así están las cosas that's how things are o/or stand la cosa se pone negra/fea things are getting o/or the situation is getting unpleasant ¿cómo te van las cosas? how are things? ¿cómo está la cosa? (Venezuela) how are things? las cosas no andan muy bien entre ellos things aren't too good between them esas cosas no pasaban antes things like that never used to happen before son cosas de la vida that's life! ¡lo que son las cosas! well, well! o/or fancy that! [familiar/colloquial] son cosas que pasan that's the way things go, these things happen además, las cosas como son, conmigo siempre se ha portado bien besides, I have to admit he's always treated me well en mi vida he visto/oído cosa igual I've never seen/heard anything like it cosa rara en él, se equivocó he made a mistake, which is unusual for him ¡qué cosa más extraña! how strange o/or funny! no hay tal cosa it's not true at all esto parece cosa de magia or de brujería or (Río de la Plata/River Plate area) de Mandinga this is witchcraft! una cosa es que te lo preste y otra muy distinta que te lo regale lending it to you is one thing, but giving it to you is another matter altogether
  • 4 4.1 [familiar/colloquial] (ocurrencia) ¡tienes cada cosa! the things you think of!, the ideas you come up with! díselo como si fuera cosa tuya tell him as if it were your idea esto es cosa de tu padre this is your father's doing o/or idea ¡qué va a ser peligroso! eso son cosas de ella of course it isn't dangerous! that's just one of her funny notions o/or ideas 4.2 (comportamiento típico) no te preocupes, son cosas de niños don't worry, children are like that o/or do things like that
  • 5 (incumbencia) no te metas, no es cosa tuya stay out of it, it's none of your business no te preocupes, eso es cosa mía don't worry, I'll handle it eso es cosa de mujeres that's women's work déjalo que se vista como quiera, eso es cosa suya let him wear what he wants, it's up to him o/or that's his business
  • 8 (en locuciones) cosa de (América del Sur/South America) [familiar/colloquial] to, so as to me fui a dormir cosa de olvidarme I went to bed (so as) to forget about it cosa que (América del Sur/South America) [familiar/colloquial] so that lo anotaré aquí, cosa que no se me olvide I'll jot it down here so (that) I don't forget no sea or no vaya a ser cosa que, llévate el paraguas, no sea cosa que llueva take your umbrella just in case it rains átalo, no sea cosa que se escape tie it up so that it doesn't get away mejor vamos ahora, no sea cosa que nos quedemos sin entradas we'd better go now, we don't want to get there and find there are no tickets left igual cosa (Chile) , tuvo un hijo varón, igual cosa su hermana she had a baby boy, and so did her sister o/or just like her sister o cosa así or so dos horas/diez toneladas o cosa así two hours/ten tons or so cada cosa a su tiempo one thing at a time como quien no quiere la cosa, menciónaselo como quien no quiere la cosa mention it to him casually o/or in passing, just slip it into the conversation como si tal cosa, no puedes irte como si tal cosa you can't go just like that o/or as if nothing had happened le dije que era peligroso y siguió como si tal cosa I told him it was dangerous but he just carried on o/or he carried on regardless cosa de … [familiar/colloquial], es cosa de unos minutos it'll (only) take a couple of minutes es cosa de esperar, nada más it's just a question o/or a matter of time, that's all hace cosa de cuatro años que murió it's about o/or it's some four years since he died no está muy lejos, cosa de dos kilómetros it's not very far, about two kilometers cosa fina (España/Spain) [familiar/colloquial], los trenes en este país son cosa fina the trains in this country are really something o/or are something else [familiar/colloquial] nos divertimos cosa fina we had a whale of a time [familiar/colloquial] darle cosa a algn [familiar/colloquial], me da cosa comer caracoles/ver sangre eating snails/the sight of blood makes me feel funny me da cosa pedirle tanto dinero I feel awkward asking him for so much money decirle a algn un par de or cuatro cosas [familiar/colloquial] to tell sb a thing or two decir una cosa por otra to say one thing but mean another gran cosa [familiar/colloquial], la comida no fue gran cosa the food was nothing to write home about o/or nothing special [familiar/colloquial] su novio/la película no es or vale gran cosa her boyfriend/the movie is no great shakes [familiar/colloquial] poca cosa, es un niño delgado y poquita cosa he's a thin child, not much to look at ella tan brillante y él tan poca cosa she's so brilliant and he's so mediocre, she's so brilliant but he's not up to much o/or he's pretty run-of-the-mill [familiar/colloquial] le dejó algo de dinero, pero poca cosa she left him some money, but not a vast amount o/or not much un trabajo así es muy poca cosa para ella a job like that isn't good enough for her poner las cosas en su sitio or lugar to put o/or set the record straight ser cosa hecha (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) to be a foregone conclusion ser/parecer otra cosa, ¡esto es otra cosa!, ahora si que se oye bien this is much better! o/or this is more like it! you can hear it really well now con ese nuevo peinado ya parece otra cosa with her new hairstyle she looks a new woman ¡eso es otra cosa! si tú invitas sí que voy ah, that's different! o/or [familiar/colloquial] that's another kettle of fish! if you're paying, I will go las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso I like to know where I stand las cosas de palacio van despacio these things take time ([ gen referring to bureaucracy ])

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