Translation of cuidar in English:



  • 1.1 [juguetes/libros] to look after, take care of; [casa/plantas] to look after; [niño] to look after, take care of; [enfermo] to care for señora, le cuido el coche I'll take care of your car, Madam una señora les cuida a los niños a woman takes care of o/or looks after the children for them cuida a su padre enfermo he cares for o/or looks after his sick father no sabe cuidar el dinero he's no good at looking after his money hay que cuidar la salud you must look after your health cuídame la leche un momentito would you keep an eye on the milk for a moment? tienes que cuidar ese catarro you should look after that cold 1.2 [estilo/detalles] to take care over debes cuidar la ortografía you must take care over your spelling cuida mucho todos los detalles she goes to a great deal of trouble over every little detail, she pays great attention to detail cuida mucho su apariencia she takes great care over her appearance


  • cuidar de algo/algn to take care of sth/sb cuidaré de él como si fuera mío I'll take care of it o/or look after it as if it were my own sabe cuidar de sí misma she knows how to take care of herselfcuidar de que + subjuntivo/subjunctive cuida de que no les falte nada make sure they have everything they need cuidaré de que todo marche bien I'll make sure everything goes smoothly

cuidarse v pron

  • 1.1 (reflexivo/reflexive) to take care of oneself, look after oneself ¡cuídate! take care!, look after yourself! no se cuidan bien they don't take care of o/or look after themselves properly ¡tú sí que sabes cuidarte! you certainly know how to look after yourself!, you don't live badly, do you? dejó de cuidarse she let herself go 1.2 (procurar no)cuidarse de + infinitivo/infinitive se cuidan mucho de enfrentarse directamente they are very careful not to clash head-on se cuidó mucho or muy bien de (no) volver por ahí he took good care not to o/or he made very sure he didn't go back there cuídate mucho de andar diciendo cosas de mí you'd better not go round saying things about me

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