Translation of culo in English:



[fam: en algunas regiones vulg]
  • 1.1 (nalgas) backside [colloquial/familiar], butt (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], , bum (BrE) [colloquial/familiar], , ass (AmE) [vulgar], , arse (BrE) [vulgar] te voy a dar unos azotes en el culo I'm going to spank o smack your bottom me dan ganas de darle una patada en el culo I feel like giving him a kick up the backside o ass cada cual hace de su culo un pito (RPl) [vulgar] I/you can do what I/you bloody well like caerse or (AmL) irse de culo [familiar/colloquial], (literal) to fall on one's backside o ass (asombrarse) to be flabbergasted o amazed [colloquial/familiar] tiene una casa que te caes or vas de culo he has an amazing o incredible house casi me caigo de culo cuando la vi entrar I couldn't believe my eyes o I was amazed o flabbergasted when I saw her come in darle por (el) culo a algn [vulgar] to screw sb [slang/argot], to shaft sb [slang/argot] ¡que te den por culo! [vulgar] screw you! [vulgar], piss off! [vulgar] en el culo del mundo [familiar/colloquial] in the back of beyond, in the sticks [colloquial/familiar], in the Boonies (AmE) [colloquial/familiar] ir de culo [familiar/colloquial], el negocio va de culo the business is going really badly voy de culo con tanto trabajo (Esp) I'm up to my ears o eyes in work [colloquial/familiar] lamerle el culo a algn [vulgar] to lick sb's ass [vulgar], to brown-nose sb [vulgar], to suck up to sb (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] mandar a algn a tomar por culo (Esp) [vulgar] to tell someone to piss off [vulgar] ¡vete a tomar por culo! (Esp) [vulgar] screw you! [vulgar], piss off! [vulgar] mandar algo a tomar por culo (Esp) [vulgar] to pack sth in [colloquial/familiar], to chuck sth in (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] meterse algo en or por el culo [vulgar], métetelo en el culo you can stick it up your ass [vulgar] mojarse el culo (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] to get one's feet wet [colloquial/familiar] pasarse algo por el culo [vulgar], las reglas me las paso por el culo I don't give a shit about the rules [vulgar] perder el culo por algo/algn [familiar/colloquial], pierde el culo por él she's just crazy o nuts about him [colloquial/familiar] está que pierde el culo por que la inviten she's just dying to be asked quedar como el or un culo (AmS) [fam o vulg] to look awful o terrible ese color te queda como el or un culo you look a sight in that color, you look bloody awful in that color (BrE) [slang/argot] ni la llamó y quedó como el or un culo he didn't even call her, it was so rude of him! [colloquial/familiar] romperse el culo [familiar/colloquial] to work one's butt off (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], , to slog one's guts out (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] ser un culo de mal asiento or sin asiento [familiar/colloquial] to have ants in one's pants [colloquial/familiar] es un culo de mal asiento or sin asiento (no se está quieto) he's got ants in his pants (en cuestiones de trabajo, vivienda) he never stays in one place for long o he's a restless soul ser un culo veo culo quiero [familiar/colloquial], es un culo veo culo quiero when he sees something he likes, he just has to have it tener culo (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] to have a nerve [colloquial/familiar] traerle de culo a algn (Esp) [fam o vulg] to drive sb bananas o nuts [colloquial/familiar], to drive sb round the bend o twist [colloquial/familiar] 1.2 (de un vaso, una botella) bottom gafas de culo de vaso or botella pebble (lens) glasses [colloquial/familiar] 1.3 (RPl) [familiar/colloquial], (suerte) luck

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